Ego Episode 6 With English Subtitles

Ego Episode 6 With English Subtitles

Ego Episode 6 With English Subtitles The highly anticipated new episodes of the series, dubbed EGO (an acronym for “Trust for Men”), are set to debut on Fox TV screens. Images from Sibel and Erhan’s wedding will be featured in the upcoming show, particularly this week. Melisa Aslı Pamuk’s wedding gown will allow her beauty to shine through once more, and Alperen Duymaz’s popyon suit will showcase her personality.

 The show, which features Alperen Duymaz and Melisa Aslı Pamuk, is drawing more viewers each week. The two lead actors’ chemistry makes the sitcom, which has a devoted viewership, stand out. Not unnoticed is the detail that the female actresses in the series are competing with each other for elegance. The series’ main actress, Melisa Aslı Pamuk, captivates with both her beauty and her talent in her role as Sibel.

Ego Episode 6 English Subtitle

The summit is shifting around a bit in this continuing ratings war between these two series! This week, in all three categories, the Order ranked first, while the Judiciary ranked second. The Sunday evening series that features Judgment taking the lead occasionally, Beautiful Days, EGO, and Başım Belada, are still fighting to be in the top 10.

Fox TV’s ‘Man Trust Olmaz’ (EGO) series is garnering more and more attention from viewers, as seen by its ratings. In terms of subject matter, the series starring Melisa Aslı Pamuk and Alperen Duymaz does not slip off the social media agenda! The show’s ratings placement—it comes in at number six in Total, third in the EU, and fourth in the ABC1 category—is encouraging and makes the audience, producers, and channel all happy.

Ego Episode 6 Summary

Concurrently, it is noteworthy that the rate at which the series has gained traction on social media in just a few weeks has increased dramatically! The EGO series has made significant progress in just three weeks, as evidenced by the ‘social rating’ table on, which consistently produces daily message counts.

As can be seen in the table dated March 12, EGO’s social media statements have been more frequent, moving up to the second rank behind the judiciary. With the episode on March 19, the EGO series—which was ranked one in the ranking, surpassing the Guild—made its official premiere!

With 26,700 messages at the conclusion of the day, the judgment series led the way, followed immediately by the EGO series! The series, which held the second position the week before, was unexpectedly facing a spike in the quantity of incoming mails! This time, he got 20,600 messages, showing that he is a shrewd adversary whose rate virtually defies the social media Judgment series!

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