Donence Episode 10 with English Subtitles

Donence Episode 10 with English Subtitles

Donence Episode 10 with English Subtitles Speaking about her greatest want and passion, Ülkü Hilal Çiftçi stated: “Working in the sense of art, doing something for art is my greatest desire and passion.” I play the ukelele, baglama, and sing. Of course, I dance as well. I believe that one of the artistic disciplines will be present in my life in my older years because, generally speaking, art is present in every area of my existence.”

 She stated the following about the role of Gülce: “I was thrilled to read about the role of Gülce at first, but I wasn’t fully aware of how challenging it would be. The three-week study period began at that point. I never truly grasped this job, therefore this study process was incredibly tough for me, and at times I felt really hopeless. I can state that for three weeks, I did not come inside the house at all. I didn’t know anyone in my immediate vicinity who had Asperger’s syndrome or autism. We did, however, visit the Tohum Autism Foundation. It’s where I met the people. Said, “This method has been beneficial.

Donence Episode 10 English Subtitle

The stunning actress remarked, “I had to push Nature (the Wind character) while sitting on the edge of the boat, and while pushing her, I really lost my balance and fell,” in reference to the production of the scene where she falls into the sea in Tropics. I was about to burst out laughing, but I had to carry on with the action when I noticed they were still filming. They made use of that scene. declared.

About the scenario that was the hardest: “The scene at the mall was really hard. I cried there because I was so nervous. because that scenario was replayed far too frequently. In one, I trip and fall, in one the bag does not break, and in one, we mispronounce the term. About ten or eleven times, I’ve fallen. I once sobbed for fifteen minutes straight. Then, after crying, I wanted to go back and change the scene,” he remarked.

Donence Episode 10 Summary

“At the moment, Miro isn’t sure how he feels about the Night. He believes that he is aware of everything, but he is too ambitious to let go of it. And by now, one man has achieved his goals in life. He therefore has no idea how to lose anything. The worst thing in the world is losing Özgür, especially the woman he loves. Thus, you can witness Miro’s outbursts of rage, and when you make a man who has never lost anything lose something, you can witness his darker side. He’s on the border now, so we’ll see what they can accomplish and what the negative side is.”

The press was also given access to the first frames of the upcoming edition of the show, which will air alongside Tuesday, August 15, at 6 p.m. The cast of the show not only made a fantastic environment on set, but you can also see signs of their complete immersion in the narrative.

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