Dilek Tasi (Wishing Stone)

Dilek Tasi (Wishing Stone) Episode 4 With English Subtitles

Dilek Tasi (Wishing Stone) Episode 4 With English Subtitles

Dilek Tasi (Wishing Stone) Episode 4 With English Subtitles Are you prepared for “Dilek Taşı” (The Wishing Stone) and its magical journey? The much awaited first episode is at last here! Watch September 7 at 8 p.m. as Figen and Mustafa’s lives unexpectedly change once they meet Cemre.

Dilek Taşı,” the newest series on Kanal D, is expected to enthrall viewers starting tonight at 20:00. In this first episode, two siblings with different personalities—Mustafa and Figen—discover Cemre, and it changes their lives forever. “Dilek Taşı” explores the daring pursuit of ambitions, following Mustafa’s aspirations to become a well-known writer and Figen’s goal to become a prosperous lawyer. Regretfully, neither of them has succeeded in reaching their ideal lives. Figen has a lack of respect in her line of work and betrayal from her romantic partner, while Mustafa struggles financially due to unsold books.

Dilek Tasi (Wishing Stone) Episode 4 English Subtitle

Figen and Mustafa, resolved to take a different course in life, meet Cemre, a small child suffering from a fatal illness. Cemre only wants a necklace that she calls the “wishing stone” because she thinks it will make her better. A mission to satisfy Cemre’s deep wish is undertaken by Figen and Mustafa, which takes an unexpected turn. Their search for Cemre is made more dangerous by the fact that evil forces are also pursuing her. Thanks to Cemre, Figen and Mustafa discover love and a new sense of purpose amidst these difficulties.

Dilek Tasi (Wishing Stone) Episode 4 Summary

Introducing Mustafa, a man in his early thirties who lives in one of Istanbul’s toughest districts and struggles to make ends meet. He travels with his spouse, Canan, and their daughter, Cemre, whose life is in danger because of a chronic condition. Canan needs surgery immediately, but Mustafa doesn’t know how he’s going to pay for it. He is in serious financial trouble because the plant where he used to work has been shuttered for a prolonged period of time because of a lockout. Mustafa, who before took great pleasure in his independence and integrity, must make the difficult decision to ask for assistance.

With no other choice, Mustafa sets out to track down Yakup Bey, the owner of the plant, in order to reclaim his unpaid pay. His strategy is straightforward: get the funds necessary to save his wife. But what happens on that fateful day will change Mustafa and Cemre’s destiny forever.

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