Cop Adam

Cop Adam Episode 6 with English Subtitles

Cop Adam Episode 6 with English Subtitles

Cop Adam Episode 6 with English Subtitles The Çöp Adam (The Stickman) trailer has been made public. At the conclusion of the show, Tamer, overcome with guilt, chooses to give Peri her freedom back even though it means enduring various forms of punishment. What transpires on January 4th in the episode? Tonight, the Çöp Adam series, starring Elçin Sangu and Engin Altan Düzyatan, will be shown on television.

 On Wednesday, November 30, Star TV debuted “Stick Man,” a television program that Melek Gençlu and Su Ersöz developed. The story was adapted from one written by Gülseren Budacólu. The Stickman series centers on the mysterious characters Tamer and Peri, who meet by chance and get drawn into a dangerous game. Gülseren Budacolu wrote the original text, while Melek Gençlu and Su Ersöz translated it into a script.

The bank manager Peri is portrayed by Elçin Sangu in the film “öp Adam.” Engin Altan Düzyatan will portray Tamer Yilmaz, an unexpectedly affluent software developer. Tamer finds information that increases Peri’s peril as he continues to delve deeper to comprehend her story.

Cop Adam Episode 6 English Subtitle

Every time Meryem and Tamer see their parents, the wounds they thought were healed bleed even more. Bülent and Aysel are drawn to the opportunities that Tamer offers. As he tries to control everyone and uncomfortable watches Tamer’s strange behavior, Berrin is already exhausted.

At the end of their day together in Ayvalk, Peri and Tamer’s forced union is transported to a another dimension. Tormented by guilt, Tamer decides to release Peri, even though it means sacrificing her independence and allowing her to be punished in every way. Tamer recognizes the change in Peri and prepares to pay a price for his transgression along the way.

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