Cop Adam

Cop Adam Episode 12 with English Subtitles

Cop Adam Episode 12 with English Subtitles

Cop Adam Episode 12 with English Subtitles The latest trailer for Çöp Adam’s (The Stickman) twelfth episode has been made public. In the final scene, Peri must demonstrate Tamer’s love for her before he can try to give it back to her. What transpires on March 1st in the episode?

 Adam makes an appearance on screen in the most recent episode of a highly praised television series. Watch viewers of the Adam series live. They are investigating how to see Adam’s most recent episode. Watch the upcoming 12th episode of “Op Adam,” which airs this evening! What will happen to Adam Up in the next episode? Research is another thing.

Adam is on the internet. Information about how to view the newest episode of the 12th season of öp Adam is available to fans of the show. The television series airs on Star TV. You may watch the Up Adam series on Star TV or the official website. The 12th episode of Up Adam has a trailer and an episode synopsis available here. Tamer finds the fairy’s hasty decision to split up shocking and finds it difficult to accept the situation.

Cop Adam Episode 12 English Subtitle

Their partnership is put to the test once more, and they both suffer separately. For Tamer to make an attempt to win Peri back, Peri needs to prove that he loves her. Tamer tells Berrin about the situation and is aware of Ahu’s proposal to Peri. Berrin gradually begins to recognize his sister’s true face and carries the ropes to the break.
Ahu, who is as patient as Selim, is astonished to discover he is alone himself in his loneliness. Even since he thinks he has given up, the fairy plans to surprise Tamer Peri when he visits. To save his marriage, he does not, however, plan to finish the argument that Berrin initiated. The rivalry between the two women will present Tamer with more difficulties than she has ever encountered.

Cop Adam Episode 12 summary

Berrin turns Tamer’s birthday into a struggle, thwarting Peri’s attempt to surprise her. The fairy cries out the whole truth, but is destroyed when Tamer doesn’t believe her. After observing his daughter’s shock, Tamer approaches Peri and gives her the directive to never go back to her family.

Though happy to have her family back, Berrin regrets what she done to her daughter. Despite Dilber’s doubts, Meryem, who is happy for Berrin’s success, ends up being her aunt’s biggest fan. Ahu, who was abandoned by Selim, is not happy with his situation, but he found some hope in a “rich” stranger he met at the hotel.

When Peri runs across Tamer again, she’s attempting to explain herself because of her unusual conduct. Tamer is confused as he can’t get over his feelings for Peri even after learning about her family’s secrets. Peri tries his hardest to speak the truth, but just when he thinks he will never be able to, good fortune smiles upon him. Meanwhile, Tamer decided to take a different tack in order to address all of these problems.

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